آنا دوگار در مورد رسوائی های فحاشی و تقلب جوش داگگر صحبت می کند: “رستگاری چیز زیبایی است”


Anna Duggar is talking about the power of redemption four years after it was revealed that her husband Josh Duggar had molested four of his younger sisters as a teen and went on to cheat on his wife using the adultery website ashley madison

On July 30, Anna, 30, shared several family photos from a trip to the St. Louis Zoo — with two prominently featuring her 31-year-old sex pest husband.

When a commenter told Anna that she loved seeing Josh in pictures after their difficult ‘journey,’ Anna responded: ‘Thank you for your kind words. Redemption is a beautiful thing!’

The whole fam: Anna Duggar shared a family photo on Tuesday that included her sex pest husband, Josh Duggar

NBD: When a fan said she loves seeing Josh in photos, Anna wrote that ‘redemption is a beautiful thing

Josh’s summer of scandals made major headlines in 2015. First, InTouch magazine unearthed reports that Josh had molested four of his younger sisters and a fifth child back when he was a teenager.

Jill and Jessa later identified themselves as two of his victims, while police reports indicate that Jinger and Joy were the others. 

Days after the news broke, it was discovered that Josh also had an account on the cheating website ashley madison, and he admitted to being unfaithful and having an ‘addiction’ to pornography.

TLC quickly cancelled the family’s first series, 19 Kids and Counting, and Josh mostly disappeared from public and social media for years afterward.

But lately, he’s been popping up more and more frequently on Duggar family social media accounts, and is often included on his wife Anna’s page.

In pictures posted yesterday, Josh held his youngest son while posing with Anna, their kids, and his little sisters Johanna, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie.

All’s forgiven, apparently! Josh has been popping up in quite a few photos lately

Family man: Josh, who is regularly shown with his sons on his lap, molested four of his younger sisters when he was a teenager

In another snap, Josh is front and center holding the camera while his family poses behind him. 

The photo has been liked over 26,000 times so far, with one commenter noting Josh’s presence in particular. 

‘I love seeing more pictures with Josh in them! Your family is such a beautiful example of the love of Christ! I know your journey has been hard but it looks to me like you have come through it with grace!’ the woman wrote, prompting the grateful reply about redemption from Anna.

Josh was also in eight family photos that Anna posted on July 8 on a trip to Houston, plus another uploaded on July 4.

Anna has been all about forgiveness and Josh’s redemption. The mother-of-five — who is expecting her sixth child with Josh in November — reportedly knew about Josh molesting his sisters before they married.

Moving on: He has been welcomed back into the fold since his scandals of 2015

Other women: Josh, who loves tiny sunglasses, admitted to cheating on his wife in 2015

She’s OK with it? Anna, however, appears to have forgiven him and moved forward

And while she was clearly quite upset about his cheating — and cried on camera during the first season of Counting On — she appears to have moved on.

In 2015, she called the ordeal ‘heartbreaking’ in an episode of Counting On.

‘It was definitely hard, and I think it is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we’re walking through’ she said. ‘It was hard to realize that it was such a public [ordeal].’

‘Here we were as a Christian couple, everyone was able to see us get married and vow before God to be loyal to each other, and that loyalty was broken.

‘For my heart it was just like, “How could this happen in our marriage? Josh is my first love, my one and only.”

In 2016, she wrote about moving forward in a blog post, saying: ‘2015 was the most difficult year of my life. Yet, amazingly I’ve found that in my own life crisis God has drawn near to me (“He’s near to the brokenhearted” Psalms 34:18) and my faith has been more precious to me than ever before. 

Camera man: Josh has manned the camera for family selfies that Anna has shared on Instagram

Celebration: He also popped up in a Fourth of July photo this month

‘Just recently I visited Josh. It was an important step on a long difficult road,’ she went on.

‘I trust that God will continue to show His love and tenderness toward us and bring beauty from ashes — somehow — as only He can do. Please continue to pray for me, Josh and our children.’

She seems to have found that beauty. Earlier this year, she enthusiastically sang Josh’s praises in a post for his 31th birthday. 

‘Happy 31st Birthday Joshua! I love you SO much and I’m blessed to be by your side for the past 10 years,’ she wrote. ‘There are so many things that I LOVE about you, here are just a few of my favorites…’

She went on to list them, starting with: ‘Your gratitude for redemption through JESUS and striving to please HIM above all!’

She also listed ‘your love for FAMILY!’ ‘good sense of HUMOR!’ ‘having BIBLEtime with our family,’ and ‘your ability to enjoy a hard day’s WORK and come home with a SMILE.’

Happy family? Anna has continued to procreate with her husband since the scandals

In love: Anna shared effusive praise for him on his birthday, listing all the reasons she loves him

Big boy: She also posted a picture of the former 19 Kids and Counting star with his birthday loot

‘You take the time and energy to be a super fun DAD – playing football, basketball, capture the flag, tea party, etc!’ she went on.

She also said she loves him for being ‘my handyman that can FIX (almost) anything!’ ‘working “behind the scenes” daily to HELP others accomplish their goals and dreams,’ and ‘PRAYing with me each night!’

‘Joshua, YOU are a TREASURE and I look forward to growing old — TOGETHER!’ she concluded.

And when the couple announced that they were expecting a sixth child earlier this year, they said: ‘We continually stand amazed by God’s love, redemption, grace and blessings in our lives.’

In June, the couple held a ‘What’s It Gonna Bee’ party to share the gender with their other children, nine-year-old Mackynzie, seven-year-old Michael, six-year-old Marcus, three-year-old Meredith, and one-year-old Mason.

The bee-theme fete included sweets, balloons, and a golden beehive ‘volcano’ that erupted with pink foam when vinegar was poured over the baking soda and paint mixture in the middle.

Another one: The couple has five children and are currently expecting a sixth

Buzzworthy: They held a ‘What’s It Gonna Bee’ gender reveal party for their kids 

Surprise: Pink foam bubbled up and spilled over the top of a ‘volcano’, revealing that the baby is a girl

Past is past? Josh appears to be totally forgiven and involved in every family event 

Marcus, who turned six that week, got to do the honors.   

‘The kids drew and cut out bumble bees and decorated our “beehive” for a “science project” not knowing we were to have a blue or pink “volcano” coming out of the top of the hive!’ Anna said.

‘Marcus was our “little scientist” and did an awesome job mixing the eruption of our colored volcano for the siblings,’ she added.

In a clip she posted, Marcus pours vinegar into the volcano and pink foam bubbles over the top — leaving his siblings screaming and exclaiming over their forthcoming baby sister. 

‘This is the 6th gender reveal for our little family and it always so exciting!’ Anna wrote. ‘Each child God has given us is unique and special — we all look forward to the arrival of our daughter / sister this fall!  

Milking it: The couple shared their pregnancy news on Anna’s Instagram page

Big brood: They already have  nine-year-old Mackynzie, seven-year-old Michael, six-year-old Marcus, three-year-old Meredith, and one-year-old Mason

Anna has made all of the announcements about the pregnancy on her page, as her husband Josh doesn’t have a social media account (or at least not a public one).

He had kept himself mostly under-the-radar — and completely absent from the family TV show, Counting On — since 2015, when TLC’s original show 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled as a result of his behavior.

That summer, InTouch magazine published the first reports of Josh’s molestation of his five young girls year before. 

Josh had admitted to his parents in 2002 that he touched the breast area and genitals of the other children, including sisters Jill and Jessa, several times. Josh went to Christian counseling for several months as a result.  

But it was only the first of the scandals. That same summer — just a month after Josh and Anna welcomed their fourth child, Meredith — a hacker released user information for the adultery website ashley madison and Josh was found among those who had used the services. 

His profile included interests like ‘one-night stands and ‘experimenting with sex toys.’ 

Little: Anna and Josh married back in 2008 when Anna was just 20 years old

Dual sex scandals: The couple (pictured in July 2018) has been plagued by Josh’s sex scandals

Josh admitted publicly to infidelity and having a porn addiction, calling himself ‘the biggest hypocrite ever’ in a statement.

‘While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife,’ he wrote.

‘I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him.’

Anna famously stuck by him, moving into his parents’ house with their children while Josh sought out more Christian counseling treatment.

Since then, they had another child, Mason, and are now expecting again.

‘We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a new little one!’ Anna wrote in April, announcing the news. ‘As we watch our children grow and thrive — we look forward to baby six joining us this fall!’  

Surprise! Anna and Josh also involved the children in the pregnancy announcement 

Getting a sibling: The video shows them sharing the news with their other give children

The couple is well on their way to at least getting close to catching up with Josh’s parents, who have 19 kids total and don’t believe in birth control.

The Duggar parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, have been outspoken against birth control, saying that they welcomed as many children as God saw fit to give them.

They weren’t always that way. Jim Bob revealed that initially, they thought they’d have just two or three kids, and Michelle went on the pill for the first few years of their marriage.

After having their eldest son Josh, Michelle went back on the pill, but got pregnant while taking it. They ended up losing that baby, and were so grieved that, through prayer, they decided to ‘give that area of our life to the Lord,’ letting God decide on when and how often they would have kids.

Now, at least three of the adult Duggar children are expecting babies: Josh and his wife Anna, Josiah and his wife Lauren, and Joseph and his wife Kendra.

Jessa welcomed her third child, a daughter, at the end of May.


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