Jessa, Anna, Joy Anna, Kendra, Lauren, and Abbie Duggar pose together for six-way maternity shoot

In a new preview for the upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On, there’s one birth, five pregnancy announcements, a cross-country move, and a funeral — which would be a lot of milestones for a few months in the life of a single family, but not so much for the Duggars.

The tenth season of Counting On — following ten seasons of 19 Kids and Counting — premieres on October 15, and video released today shows that it will cover quite a lot of ground.

In addition to Jinger and Jeremy’s move to California and Grandma Duggar’s funeral, viewers will also get a peek inside a never-before-seen photoshoot featuring five pregnant Duggars and one mom and new baby.

Bump central! A never-before-seen photo of five pregnant Duggar girls and one new mom appears in a new promo video for the upcoming season of Counting On

Photoshoot: In the preview clip, Jessa — who just welcomed baby girl Ivy — poses with sister Joy Anna and sisters-in-law Kendra, Lauren, and Anna, who are all pregnant

Fertile ground: The motherhood-obsessed women all got together for the pretty photos

Truly and utterly shocking: While they were shooting, John David’s wife Abbie showed up to surprise them, revealing that she was pregnant too

Never saw that coming! The other women all shriek with surprise at the news

The preview clip shows several pregnancy announcements from members of the family, as well as the progression of some of those pregnancies over the course of the spring and summer.

There is Jessa, 26, who welcomed baby Ivy with husband Ben Seewald, 24, in May and is seen going for ultrasounds and giving birth.

There’s Kendra, 21, who giggles as she tells her husband Joe, 24, at the kitchen table that she is expecting their second.

Josiah, 23, and Lauren, 20, reveal to family that they are expecting once more, after Lauren suffered an a miscarriage early on last year. 

Anna, 31, is expecting a sixth with her sex pest husband Josh, 31, and Joy Anna, 21, announces her second with husband Austin Forsyth, 25 — which the couple lost due to miscarriage at 20 weeks.

Making it special: The season will naturally spend a lot of time on the pregnancies, and the clip includes the moment Josiah told family that he and Lauren are expecting

Missed: Lauren (pictured after seeing a sad movie) suffered a miscarriage early on in her first pregnancy last year and has spoken frequently about it

No time for stopping! Kendra, 21, is also seen telling her husband Joe that she is pregnant with their second child

Season of life: The preview clip spends quite a bit of time on the ever-growing family

All about that romance: Several of the adult couples, including John David and Abbie, enjoy date nights

Sharing is caring: Kendra and Joe are seen feeding each other cheesecake in a park, as one does

So precious: Mom Michelle explains that while they go on dates, she and Jim Bob are babysitting their grandkids

Mom-in-training: However, clips mostly show one of their young daughters, possibly 12-year-old Jennifer, doing much of the actual childcare

All five of those women posed together for a maternity shoot shortly after Jessa gave birth, wearing flowy white and pink dresses in a field in Arkansas, and are mid-shot when 29-year-old John David’s wife Abbie, 26, shows up to surprise them with her own pregnancy news. 

Jana, 29, drives her up to the field, and Abbie is already dressed in appropriate attire and a floral crown when she asks, ‘Guys, can I join you for the shoot?’

The girls shriek in excitement upon learning she is also pregnant and welcome her own to join them.

One of the final, never-before-seen images is included in the preview. 

In another scene set to air in the new season, several of the married ‘kids’ go on dates. Jessa and Ben are seen kissing, John and Abbie have an outdoor meal, and Kendra and Joe bite into cheesecake.

Vuolos go west: Jinger and her husband Jeremy recently moved to California, and cameras followed them there

Wannabe famous: The couple is seen hiking up to the Hollywood sign there

‘Life for us is always an adventure, [and] now we are getting ready to embark on a new one,’ Jeremy says

Teehee! They brought along their one-year-old daughter Felicity

Exploring: The couple seems to be getting the most out of their new city

Meanwhile, mom Michelle says that she and her husband Jim Bob are babysitting the grandkids. 

‘Hopefully, nobody’ll end up in the hospital,’ quips Jim Bob, who had 19 children of his own.

While Michelle and Jim Bob are babysitting, though, clips show their own youngest daughters doing much of the real child-watching, rushing in to help their nieces and nephews. 

When Jessa’s son Spurgeon bites one of Josh and Anna’s daughter, it’s not Michelle or Jim Bob that rushes to stop him but their daughters, who appears to be 12-year-old Jennifer. Jennifer is also seen caring for children in another scene. 

With so many kids in the Duggar household, the oldest daughters — Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and later Joy Anna — were responsible for much of the childcare of the younger kids growing up, even while they themselves were still children

Now that all but Jana are out of the house, it seems the youngest girls are taking on a roll helping to care for their older siblings’ children when they come over, while adults Jim Bob and Michelle do whatever it is that they’re doing. 

Harlot! In the preview, a producer asks Jinger and about her choice to wear pants and asked if she and her parents are in a conflict over it

Lighten up: Jinger has changed up her look a lot since getting married, and recently dyed her hair blonde 

Nike! The two have been out and about with friends, and Jinger is wearing a lot of things she wouldn’t have under her parents’ care, like sleeveless tops and short dresses

Drama? Jinger tears up in an interview, which appears to be when she is asked about whether there are issues with her parents

So far away: However, Michelle is smiling, indicating this may be their reaction to missing each other

The season will also follow Jinger, 25, as she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo, 32, move from Laredo, Texas to Los Angeles, California, which they did earlier this summer. 

‘Life for us is always an adventure, [and] now we are getting ready to embark on a new one,’ Jeremy says, as the camera shows them hiking to the Hollywood sign city and going to the beach with baby Felicity.

In on-camera interviews this season, it appears Jinger will address rumors that her new LA lifestyle — which has included dying her hair, wearing tops that show her shoulders, and wearing pants — has caused a rift between her and her parents.

When asked about rumors that there is conflict, Jinger and Michelle, pictured together on camera, seem to get emotional, with Jinger wiping away a tear and Michelle smiling.

It’s unclear whether the shot was actually their reaction to the question or if it came after a different one and was pieced in for the preview.   

Sad day: The season will also include scenes from Grandma Duggar’s funeral

Hard to get through: Her grandkids are all seen crying during the service

Awful: She died by drowning at the age of 78 in June

Not-so-private moment: The Duggars brought TLC’s cameras along to the graveside

Rolling: Cameras filmed as they lowered her casket into the ground

However, their answer is sure to entice fans and critics alike, who have speculated on the Duggar daughters that have branched away a bit from their parents’ teachings.

Jim Bob and Michelle set very strict rules for their kids growing up, many of which revolved around concepts of modesty.

Girls always wore skirts and dresses, and those who now wear pants or shorts only began to do so after getting married and moving out.

Jinger is the first in the family to dramatically dye her hair and move to a major city. In addition to wearing clothing that she wouldn’t have worn in her parents’ house, she’s also been embracing a trendier lifestyle.

And while her parents have both preached against birth control, she and her husband didn’t get pregnant with their first for a year after getting married.

Their daughter, Felicity, celebrated her first birthday this summer, and the pair have not announced another pregnancy just yet. 

Missing her: Jana, Grandma Duggar’s second-oldest female grandchild, got emotional

Tissues: Jinger and her younger sister Johanna balled up tissues and cried as well

Keeping it together: Jim Bob, Mary’s son, seemed a bit more stoic in the few shots in the preview

Seems… upbeat? Jill came under fire for her odd Instagram post about the death, which was filled with emojis

On a sadder note, the season will offer a look inside Grandma Mary Duggar’s funeral. 

She died by drowning at the age of 78 in June.

The clip shows Josiah and Lauren crying over her open casket, as well as several of the younger boys tearing up during speeches.

Jana, Jinger, and Johanna wipe tears away from their pews, and Joe sobs into hand from an altar.

All of the Duggars with Instagram accounts wrote about her passing at the time, with Jill coming under fire for a surprisingly upbeat tribute filled with emojis — which critics called inappropriate.

Finally, the season is set to include footage of Jessa’s birth to daughter Ivy, which was previously seen in a pair of web episodes. 

Breeding machine: Jessa’s pregnancy with Ivy also comes up in the new season

Sanitary: Her home birth on the family couch had previously been shown in web episodes

Push! Jessa literally sat on her couch as she delivered the baby

Calling the professionals: They later called 911 when Jessa wouldn’t’ stop bleeding

The tenth season covers several months, with the start apparently dating back to around April and wrapping up some time in the summer.

Focusing on that time frame, the season will likely cover oldest child Josh and his wife Anna announced their pregnancy with their sixth child, a girl due in November.

However, while Anna clearly makes appearances this season, it’s unlikely Josh will be on camera.

Josh has been absent from the entire show since its premiere — which came after the Duggars’ old show, 19 Kids and Counting, was cancelled on his account.

TLC pulled the show in 2015 after it was discovered that, as a teenager, Josh had molested several young girls, including his younger siblings.

Soon after, he was found to have a dating profile on the adultery website ashley madison, and he admitted to being unfaithful to his wife and watching pornography.

Josh hasn’t appeared at all on Counting On, though Anna briefly appeared during the first season to address the family troubles.

Not there: Oldest child Josh, 31, hasn’t appeared on the show since his dual sex scandals in 2015 

sex focus: Two of his victims, Jessa and Jill, spoke out on Fox News about how he had touched them inappropriately as children 

DIY: Jana — who was mocked for Photoshopping skirts onto two girls in the background of this picture — may show off her home renovation skills this season

The season will also likely cover John David and Abbie’s pregnancy announcement and gender reveal.

John David’s twin sister Jana is not married, but has been busying herself with plenty of gardening and home improvement projects, which will likely pop up on the show.

The next oldest is Jill, 28, who is married to Derick Dillard, 31. The couple will not appear on the show, and haven’t in several years due to unconfirmed reasons.

TLC had announced that they were no longer affiliated with the network after Derick attacked one of TLC’s other stars, trans teen Jazz Jennings, on Twitter.

However, Derick recently claimed on Twitter that he and Jill actually quit the show over squabbles about missionary work. 

It came after Twitter user Pickles asked him: ‘So why did you quit missionary work? Did SOS fire you? You couldn’t hack air conditioning and armed guards in the jungle? You failed to convert one person?’

Derick answered: ‘TLC wouldn’t release us from a bogus contract that we weren’t even aware of.’

Not adding up: Jill and Derick also aren’t typically on the show. Derick recently claimed it was because of a ‘bogus contract’ that barred them from doing missionary work, even though they did missionary work on the show previously

Truly sad: It’s unclear if the season will cover Joy Anna’s miscarriage at 20 weeks

Tragic: She previously shared hospital pictures on Instagram

Pickles responded: ‘You quit missionary work because of TLC? I’m not following your train of thought. Any “bogus contract” you had was worked out between TLC and Jim Bob. You might want to talk to your father-in-law if you feel you were screwed.’

Dillard then replied: ‘What do you mean you don’t follow? It makes perfect sense considering the fact that thats (sic) why we quit filming – TLC kept trying to keep us from missionary work.’

The season will follow Jessa giving birth to her third child and first daughter, Ivy, which ended with an emergency trip to the hospital.

In addition to Jinger’s LA move and changing lifestyle, there’s Joe and Kendra’s second pregnancy, and Josiah and Lauren’s second pregnancy after miscarriage.

Joy Anna, who suffered a traumatic miscarriage during her second trimester, addressed the loss on social media, though it’s as yet unknown whether it will be documented on the show.

The teaser also doesn’t hint at whether there may be any new courtships. Currently, the single adult children include 29-year-old Jana, 20-year-old twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 19-year-old Jason, and 18-year-old James.

There are six more kids ages nine to 16. 


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